Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Outing to Kuala Kedah!

After Chem tuition, Tim called me, asking me whether I wanted to join them for a mini outing to "burn some time" (according to him) at Kuala Kedah to see whether the castle (palace) there is still open to visitors. According to him, the castle was still open when he last visited the castle when he was in primary school. But as I recall, the last time I visited that place (when I was Form 2 I think), is was closed, due to repairs.And it turned out, I was right, it is still not open to public. I wonder what they are doing with the building. Anyway, the sunset was worthwhile. But the condition of the Kuala Kedah beach is terrible! It's filthy! It's smelly. Rubbish is seen streaking everywhere!.. old shoes, paper cups, even bags! The sand is also black-ish in color, I suspect is due to the dirty sea water that is contaminated with oil.
Just look at the amount of rubbish! And this is just one part of the whole area. I wonder, if they clean the place up, treat the water, and make the place into a resort, with proper maintenance, I am sure it'll be a success!
Where in Alor Setar can you find places with such beautiful sunset scenery? Almost no where in Alor Setar, unless you are at City Plaza's top-most floor's car parking area.Anyway, the outing was overall fun! Joseph's car mati"ed" engine once when going up the steep bridge. He complained so much because he had to use his bukit skills four times! LOL. He also failed going up without sliding back on another bridge. Maybe he should retake his license! =P
One for the album!


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Xuelin said...

I remember the time the Librarians went there. I can't believe that I actually took my shoes of and waded in that water!

Daniel Ting said...

it's black! the water and sand is black in color!

sigh. it would be a beautiful place to hang out if it's properly mantained.