Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Going into a flooded taman in a LORRY!

Before I continue on, The Star paper has published a few warnings about a second-wave hitting Kedah again, as well as Kelantan, and Perlis. If you want to read the articles with your own eyes, click here, and here.

"Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein gave the order as the Meteorological Department predicted the second wave could hit the three states if heavy rain persisted."
Quoted from The Star.
Let's hope for the best, and pray hard that a second wave doesn't hit Alor Setar again. We all want to enjoy our holidays in peace, right?

Back to the story.

My taman was so FLOODED that we had to get a lorry to get in, to check on the house. My neighbour, managed to borrow a lorry from a friend. He called my mum, and it was decided that my dad and I would tag along.

We arrived at Wisma, but they hadn't arrived. Apparently, jams were bad in town. I managed to take a few pictures while waiting.

Ever seen a tow truck letting down the towed car? It uses a hydraulic pump to lift the lorry's head up and allow the car to reverse down.Fascinating eh?

Here's another picture.I think no VIP or VVIP in the right frame of mind would want to use this road. Haha...

The lorry arrived, and let me tell you, it was no small lorry, it was HUGE! You know those lorries that carry sand? Yeah! That lorry.Some parts were knee deep and more, and lorry still had plenty of room before the water hit the engines of the lorry. A normal car would have "KO"ed before it even moved 100 metres!

On the way in, All water. And this was just the beginning of the journey.The waters were getting deeper and deeper as we ventured deeper into the taman. Look at this picture:The water has covered more than half the sign board!The poor Taman Golf Mini Market. After the flood receded, I heard the owner say that flood waters entered the shop about 4 inches. The cleaning they had to do was terrible.

Anyway, I got to my house. MY HOUSE WAS SPARED! Almost all of my neighbours' house were already submerged at least an inch of water, but mine was just lapping outside the house. Phew!

On the way back, my neighbour said a friend of his wanted him to rescue his dogs. And the golden retriever (as seen in the picture below) was overly excited. The dogs were hungry, and one of the people on board fed them bread and biscuits (BUTTER COOKIES!!!). The golden retriever started wagging its tail like crazy, splashing spots of mud on everyone.I thought I would go home clean and dry, but thanks to the dog, I was covered with MUD. Ah, it has been an experience! Hopefully, there won't be a next wave of floods!


dk said...

ehh...u blog about susom half way then no more alredi...

Daniel Ting said...

i should continue.
holidays are beginning soon! :)