Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Form 6 School Woes...

For the past 6 months of my life as a Lower 6 student in Keat Hwa, I've been made to stay back in school on Sundays and Mondays for extra-curriculum activities and so called "R&D (Research & Development)" sessions. And we have no choice, it's compulsory, as school authorities say they are orders from the Education Ministry.

At the start of this "programmes" after school, we were called to do "kerja amal" a.k.a. free labour to the school. We were asked to scrape the school walls, so that they could be repainted, and paint some of the walls we scraped. And this is said to give us marks in our curriculum activities. I bet the school saves tons of money not needing calling outside painters to paint the school.

I mean, why make us stay back to do such work? We have already had a long day at school, now, more work to tire us further? I tell you, we're dead tired after such heavy activities. The whole day will end up wasted.

After a few weeks, the R&D sessions officially started. It is said to help us in our studies. Let me tell you what happens there. R&D sessions, first of all, are divided into the 4 sessions for different subjects, except for Biology and Physics. We have R&D sessions for Math, MUET, PA, and Chemistry. And we don't do much in those sessions.

With 4 classes combined together, do you expect 2 teachers to cope with so many students? In PA R&D sessions, we would sit there and chit-chat, in that small chair-cum-table (the ones commonly found at tuition centres). We can't revise either. We're tired, the room is stuffy, the chair-cum-table isn't big enough, and it's noisy. And this happens for MUET too. In Chemistry R&D sessions, each group is given a task to speak about something. But, when groups go out to speak, with mic isn't functioning well, we end up hearing blurred sentences, which we can't make out what he or she is trying to say. For Math, yes, he will be teaching, and this is the only subject, that truly helps us in our STPM.

Why can't we be like Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid? They incorporate this R&D sessions into the schooling time. And they end at 2:10p.m. everyday. But, if I'm not mistaken, starting for next year, Form 6 students will end school at 3:00p.m.++, if i'm not mistaken. Sigh. It's a waste of time. We don't get much out of it. Don't you school authorities get it?


Xuelin said...

Kesian...I don't see what the R&D sessions are for of they are as bad as what you described.

But going home at 3.30 pm (more often than not,at 5.00 pm)has become such a norm to me.

Daniel Ting said...

you are different, you are in college! haha...
and JPA scholars have to attend PJ classes in the evenings right?