Sunday, September 5, 2010

Step Up 3!.... @ AS Mall.

Step Up 3! I'm impressed... for it's choreography (mainly). The plot was, predictable? Oh well, I'll come to that later...

I was late in arriving in Alor Setar Mall. Jane, W. Lynn, Wei Ping and Goay had already arrived. I was delayed at the post office. At least I wasn't the last to arrive. Hahaha... Sunny arrived a minute of two later than me. we missed the first 5 to 10 minutes of the movie, too bad. And oh, I saw Susu Hean fetching a 5 girls home in his car. xD

The plot was rather predictable...? When Natalie appears in the movie, I was thinking to myself, will she be the one betraying the "Pirates"? It turned out that I was right. =D

The movie was about this guy named Luke, a dancer-cum-filmmaker which is desperate for money to pay back loans from the bank to avoid being evicted from his only home, a warehouse that's a haven for dancers! He hunts for fresh talent and finds Moose, and Natalie. In order to repay the loans, he and his team has to win the World Jam Competition which has a whooping prize money of 100K. However, it complicated here and there, as the team breaks up and reunite again.

I believe, the film is only nice for it's dancing, and "WOW" factor? I like the choreography. Moose is a great dancer! I wished I could dance like that, but I guess it's too late to learn. Me bones have harden. =S



mcHew said...

Agree with u...Act,I prefer step up 2's story>.<..Its more touching

Daniel Ting said...

the finale really yeng!
i wan the buy the disc... but dunno where to buy..
u got step up 1 and 2?

mcHew said...

I downloaded it from 'Thunder' a long time ago,now ald delete...Y I deleted them...wan to re-watch 'step Up 2'!!!

Daniel Ting said...

download again!
then lend me! =D

mcHew said...

lazy to ald,last time it took me a day to download it,plus I ald deleted my thunder prog...><

Daniel Ting said...

then i need to find another way of getting it! >.<