Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alternative Fuel...?

What is alternative fuel? It is an alternative to fossil fuels and can be defined as another source of energy that is cheaper, more effective and most importantly save our Mother Earth. Since it can save Mother Earth from it's badly-polluted state, why isn't the world switching to alternative fuel yet...?

Let's take car fuel as an example, petroleum and diesel. United States of America, as everyone knows, is the highest guzzler of fossil fuels.With such high consumption of such fuels, carbon emission increases, resulting in global warming. And this is just one country, try looking at the world scale. With such disastrous consequences, do you think the world should change to alternative fuel to prevent the situation from worsening?

Therefore, what fuel can be used as alternatives instead? The alternatives are plenty! Hydrogen, bio fuel, solar power, etc... and these are just a few examples. Scientist have been working on it since they realized the severity of the disastrous effects of using petroleum and diesel in the long run with global warming being a worrying problem. But even with such effects, many countries are still reluctant to switch to alternative fuel, mainly because firstly, normal fuel is bringing in loads of money to the country, and secondly, the initial cost of developing and researching for alternative fuels are also high. But, there are pros to everything. Using alternative fuel reduces carbon emissions and it's cheaper in the longer term. Most importantly, using alternative fuel SAVES THE ENVIRONMENT!... resulting in a better quality of life.

So, should we switch to alternative fuels? I believe the answer should be a resounding yes!

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