Monday, July 26, 2010

Females oh females... Why are you beating the males?

Statistics recently have shown that there are STILL MORE females in universities compared to males. It is also proven right in Form 6! There are more girls compared to guys in my class. I think this trend came about since 2006 or '07? This is a rather alarming trend, don't you think? Where are the MALES?

One would ask, why is this so? In the past, guys dominated the universities. These days, the education system has evolved as such that females benefit more than guys. The current education system in place is class-orientated, meaning students are required to sit still for long hours (about 5 to 6 hours) a day, with just a short 30 minute break in between. Can you imagine males sitting still for such a long period of time? No, right? Us boys, due to our biological make up, are programmed not to be able to sit still for more than our hour. Any more than that, we'll get restless, and this would result the ability of us males, learning much slower compared to girls. As a result, girls are able to do better than guys!
To overcome such a problem, I believe changes should be implemented in the current education system to reverse the current trend. A more interactive and practical-based education system which will benefit both sexes should be introduced. With a practical-based education system in place, males can learn better, as guys learn faster through their hands. As a result, the guys can catch up with the girls. A study conducted recently has also indicated that instead of punishing the boys for not being able to sit still in class, teacher should allow them a little freedom in class, meaning that if the boy wants to sit other the table and listen, he shouldn't be punished. It doesn't mean total freedom though, if it were so, the class would be chaotic. By allowing this little freedom, they have found that the guys learn better! Surprising, eh?

But the problem is, the education ministry believes such freedom should not be given, as it is seen by not instilling discipline in them. I also found it hard to believe when I first heard about it... One actually has to be open-minded to accept and implement such an idea. So, what do you think?

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