Monday, July 19, 2010

Keat Hwa Form 6 Basketball Competition! =D

Last Saturday, Sixth Form Society organized a basketball competition just for the Form 6s. =) Every form 6 class had to at least send out a team as representatives. It was COMPULSORY!

With only having 9 boys in my class, we all agreed to participate, except for the away-band member, Navine, and ZW. We all just participating for fun, and for the piece of paper for marks. We already knew our fate before we even played. We were sure to lose terribly against the upper sixes and also other lower six classes, especially the class with a school basketball team player. Basically, we all weren't basketball players! Haha...
Saturday morning came, the weather was fine, just right for the competition. It had been raining for the past few days, and we didn't want the matches postponed. It would mean more hassle for us. =S
L6S2 vs. L6S4
Highlights of the matches we played.

Our class had to play 3 games. If we were top 2 of the group, we would enter the semis and then the finals. BUT unfortunately, we didn't win any games though, but I think we did put in our best, right? =D And, at least we didn't lose terribly to the other teams like we thought we would. We DIDN'T GET 0 for ANY of the games we played! =D

Our first game was against U6S2. The final result after the first half and second half of the game was 2-6. I scored! Once... LOL!

Our next game was against L6S4. This was one of the stronger teams among the 8 teams. The had whipped L6S3 21-0 before they played against us. We managed to scored once, against their rather strong defense. The final score was 2-9. Cha Meng scored once. =)

I didn't stay for the third game though (against L6S3). I had Mohan tuition to attend to. =S
L6S3 vs. L6S4 (L6S4 scored!)
And throughout the whole competition, the St. John people were standing there like statues. I wonder how bored they were... =P
I think all us had fun, right? =)

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