Saturday, June 26, 2010

PMR and UPSR exams may go...

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) and Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examinations may be abolished.
Finally! They are doing something to CHANGE the rather RIGID education system of Malaysia? Students these days are all EXAM-ORIENTATED! All students think about these days are about how well they can do in EXAMS, whether the student pass or fail the EXAM, or whether the student goes to enough tuition to pass in EXAMS. Notice that everything has to do with EXAMS? EXAMS, EXAMS, EXAMS! What happened to those days where in the evenings one could play sports with friends? Or developing hobbies? Interests? It seems with the EXISTANCE of exams, 24 hours is just NOT enough for a day. There are just TOO MANY things to do. And speaking of exams, I think my first Form 6 exam is round the corner. It's time to cut down on luxuries. Sigh.

I have a friend who is taking SPM this year, going to 6 or 7 tuition a week! Can you believe it? It's sure insanity! Every single day, there is a tuition to attend to. There isn't even enough TIME to reflect on life and have a good REST. One is almost oblivious to the surroundings. And for what purpose does one go for tuition? To get tips and notes on how to pass the exam with flying colors. I wonder how much extra pocket money tuition teachers earn on top of their fixed income. It's no wonder why teachers who give tuitions are so RICH nowadays.

And even in Form 6, many (I think all) of my friends all currently attending tuition for EVERY subject. Hm... This got me thinking. Is this implying that the government has failed to ensure that the schools give the proper education to students? I mean, if schools can teach a student the stuff they need to know well, there will be NO NEED to attend tuition right?
He said the exam pressure was wrong and defeated the true purpose of sending children to school.
Another quote from our Minister of Education. And I have to admit, the exam pressure is KILLING students. Come to Keat Hwa, and sit in any of the top three classes of any form, and you can feel the PRESSURE! Even in my class, during free periods, almost everyone is flipping through some notes and STUDYING. Talk about PRESSURE.
“The main objectives of education is for children to gain knowledge in a holistic manner - where creativity, innovation and interaction thrive,” he said.
I think this has to do more on the teacher's side rather than on the students. If teachers can't teach in a creative, innovative and interactive manner, education is rather boring. Take history for example. If a teacher teaches by dictating notes in a monotonous manner, learning is DEAD. There is NO LIFE in it. The teachers teach for the sake of teaching, and the students learn for the sake of learning. End result, students passes the exam, and throws everything away after the exam. True...?

So, is taking away PMR and UPSR exams a good thing? And oh, taking away this exams will mean a DEATH to tuitions for UPSR and below PMR level. Hahahahahaha... =D


/kisa said...

yay! someone who agrees with the abolishment. But I do think the grades might fall dramatically in the early years of the new system 'cos kids will be slacking off. But it'll probably sort itself out and the kids who really want to learn will come out and shine like the stars they are. lol

Daniel Ting said...

yeah. i didn't think of that.
the kids should WANT to learn NEW knowledge themselves, rather than being spoon fed all the time.
anyway, if the teachers can make the lessons interesting enough, curiousity of the kids would want them to learn more about it. =)

SonnyKazu said...

spoon feeding is fun! Jkjk!

But some people study until no mood... just like me! :P