Thursday, July 8, 2010

Potato Experiment! =D

Potato Experiment! The first experiment of the year for us Form 6rians! =D

The experiment was basically to see how the state of potatos after being immersed in sucrose solution of 30 minutes, meaning whether it will be turgid, or flaccid.

Anyway, Wei Ping and I were in a group, NZW and LSS were busy preparing for Puan Ho's birthday, and Navine was as usual, ABSENT (=P)!

We had... fun? =D Look what Nandika did... She had TOO MUCH time while waiting for the 30 minutes to be up... =DShe cut alphabets from the remaining potatoes, maybe she wanted to cook fried potato that is alphabet-shaped for someone special =P.

After school, I took my car for its first service! I must say the Perodua centres are very customer-friendly. They provide you light refreshments, tables (if you wanna do stuffs like reading newspaper, or in my case, do homework...), a TV which has a movie on, magazines, etc... A place that you can pass time while waiting for your car is being serviced. =)

P.S. Don't ask me how I got the photos, i'm not telling. =D


mcHew said...

haha...ya,agree...I went there b4(1 of my uncle works there),n they really hav extrodinary serice at perodua there...XP,wat u serviced anyway?

Daniel Ting said...

first car service lorh...
because reach 1000 km already ma.