Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update On My Grades...

I didn't attend school today, because of two reasons. First reason was the school invited some monks (I think) to give blessings for those who are taking PMR and SPM. As I'm not a Buddhist, I decided not to go school instead. My second reason was because today, my school had extra curriculum activities. Although I can get out early, I still have to wait for my bus to take me home, which is at 4:30 p.m. A pure waste of time.

Anyway, my friend told me History Paper 1 marks. I got 30 out of 40. My friend said highest was 35, and the number of people who got above 30 are few, not above 10 people, according to him. Oh well, I'll know my actual marks when I see them tomorrow at school.

Wish me luck tomorrow as I get my results back.

P.S. I think I'll fail Chinese this time for sure. Sigh.

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