Friday, October 2, 2009

Islamic Photostat Centre?

Huh? Now there are photostat centers based on religion? No offense to the Muslims though. But why name it Islamic Photostat Center? What's the difference between the papers photostatted at that center and any other centers? The papers photostatted at that shop will be more holy? It's just pure silliness.


Kamille Leili Elahi said...

LOL! I'm Muslim! And to be honest this sounds stupid.

And what has the Islamic got anything to do with this photostat thing? it sounds like a printer.

meow said... difference meh?
mb if de m ppl wn cetak sumtin secretive...
say no more say no more..

Ling said...

I am very curious too..Get a volunteer to find out what's the difference.

Cikgu BUD said...

haha! haha!! haha!!! [ciplak dari itu 'islamic animation' Upin & Ipin] :)

No need to worry much about it la...they're just 'showing off' their 'own-made' stupidity ma...LOL!

In my opinion, it'd be more appropriate if they advertise "PUSAT FOTOSTAT BAHAN ISLAMIAH".
I've got alot more to say on this but...sigh!!

As a Muslim myself, i feel very embarrassed to see this!!! :(