Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Grave Dug. Focus.

It's one of the times, I feel so beaten. I thought I was prepared, but actually I'm not.

Today, I had accounts, Paper 2.

I had spent my whole day reading through my tuition notes yesterday, and was confident that I could answer any questions that were coming up today.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

I had trouble balancing the accounts of the first question. I spent an hour trying to make the accounts balanced. In the end, I realized that time was running out, and I spent the remaining time doing the other questions. I was panicking already! In the end, out of the 4 questions that needed to be balanced, I only managed to balance 1, and I'm not even sure whether it's correct.


Trials has thought me a few harsh lessons, rather a wake up call to me. I know I'm going to fail 2 subjects, and this will affect me emotionally badly.

Throw away the distractions, especially facebook. It's time to focus!

You can do it, Daniel!


Nexus Lawrence said...

lol.. u nid more practise..
not juz read the note..

chinjie said...

You Can Do It, Daniel!

Daniel Ting said...

cham le lar this time.
sure kena loads of teacher perli...

to chinjie:
thanks! =)

meow said...