Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Exam Results... ARE BACK!

I think I have to work harder on my Maths. I got back my exam results for Maths, Additional Mathematics and English today, among them are my 2 best subjects!

I got 98 for Mathematics! I'm am happy, but not happy enough. I was aiming for perfection for this paper, but I dropped a mark in Paper 1 and 2 marks in Paper 2, sadly. I guess, it means I need more practice, which means more time spent on Mathematics.

English was okay. I did pretty badly for my literature and summary though. I only got 11 marks for my summary, from my usual 13 or 14. I guess I made a few serious errors. And I lost quite some marks in my literature, if I'm not mistaken about 7 or 8 marks were lost there. I do not know about my essay though, because I have not seen my essay paper yet, but I know I got 71 out of 85, which brings my total mark for English to 84!

Additional Mathematics was a let down for me. I thought I could do better, but yet I didn't. I think I will need to spend some time on it. Additional Mathematics is one subject that you need loads of practice on. I only got 68 for it. Although it's still an A2, I'm not happy about it. Someone please teach me differentiation, I lost at least 12 marks there. And I heard it's one of the hardest topics in Mathematics in Form 6. I need to get my basics right!


Jane said...

LOL i dun think you should spent more time on modern maths.It doesnt really matter whether its 98or 100. its still going to be A1. might as well spent more time on other subjects.btw,usually 60++ for add maths is already A1 adi so just worker a little harder and u'll be alright..All the best in ur spm!=)

Daniel Ting said...


Ning said...

integration is much harder than differentiation! anyway ya jane's right. nonit to 'perfectkan' ur math. in the real thing it really doesn matter if it's a borderline A1 or a solid one. pratice more on ur add maths! jia you!