Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dinner at G Cafe...Give

Thursday night de-stressing outing with Loh + his sisters and Jovaynne. Guess what was the first thing we talked about?

How was trials. Haha. Anyway, we headed to G Give Cafe located near Keat Hwa 1. It's in the same row as Old Town (Keat Hwa 1 branch).

I was surprised to see the menu to just be a sheet of paper, NOT laminated, my menu that was. The others' menus were laminated though.

They had many of varieties of drinks, but most of them were not available. They had run out of vanila, which was a pity. In the end, I had orange juice. They did not have much variety on food though.

Jovaynne's drink. Coffee!
It looks nice right? But Jovaynne said it was diluted. Maybe it's the good photography. :-P
I can't remember what the brown drink was. But the blue is chewing gum smoothie!
Actually, the blue has the flavor of chewing gum. And it really tastes like one! They had another drink, called blue vanilla. But no one dared to try. Ever heard of BLUE vanilla?


This was what Loh had, Tom Yam Rice
I don't know if it's nice a not. You'll have to ask him.
Upper left - Golden Fried Rice, Lower left - Some fried rice (can't remember), upper right - fish with rice, lower right - chicken with rice
If you wanna know whether the dishes are nice, you'd have to ask the people who ate them! =) I had a little of the Chicken with Rice though, it was nice! =)

What I had:

Black Pepper Chicken with Rice!
It was delicious! Just simply delicious! I do not mind having a second round!

Overall, if you'd ask me whether I'd come back again to this restaurant. I'd say maybe. The food are not too bad. But the service is slow. I think there are only 2 people running the shop, so you can't blame them. Not a good place to go for makan if you are in a hurry though...

Guess what is this:


Nexus Lawrence said...

everyone knows that is the lamp of the car lo

Daniel Ting said...

cannot be something else meh?

Teong Huan said...

it's a car lamp and can you stop calling me loh on your blog