Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Thought to Think About...

I was thinking. What would life without taking the education route? Jobless? Homeless? Penniless?

Education distracts us, from the main purpose of life. When exams are near, we leave God aside. Our main goal during exams, do well, get into a good college, and your future is secured. Did you know that, you can just be gone the next second? If God decides to take your life now, you can't say no. You have no choice. Why can't we use this time to do something more meaningful? Perhaps have an impact on somebody's life. Wouldn't you lead a happier life?

I dread it, when I think what would be the next step after SPM. Form 6? College? I always ask myself, "Do you want to sit there and do the same thing for the rest for your life? We have only one chance to live on Earth. When it's judgment day with God, when God asks you, "What have you done on Earth that is pleasing to me?" Are you going to reply "I've scored straight A's in every school and public examination. I've have worked in the same company for the rest of my life after that."" The thought of this makes me ponder real hard. I'm waiting for God to pick for me. I don't care if the job makes me a poor man, what I want is a enriching and fulfilling life, and perhaps with a girl I love. But not a purposeless life, a life full of misery, full of loneliness. It's just not worth living for. I rather die today, rather than dying tomorrow. But sadly, the choice is not mine to make.

Is this what God wants us to do? To study? To work? And die? Surely there must be more than this? I'm not condoning education is bad. But surely, God did not create us, just to do well in exams, working in the same old job until you retire, and die after that? I'm sure many of you are like that. I think I am becoming like one too, but, I rather not walk down this path.

Why can't there be a change? But, the problem is, what change?

Sigh. Life is like the universe, there is still much to explore in life. Full of wonders, and mysteries. Full of questions that are yet to be asked. Full of answers yet to be answered. Life is worth living, when you know your goal in life. But it's ain't worth living, if you are just going to waste your life away.


PEH LAN said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, deep thoughts for a boy your age. Well, I think God has a purpose for you even right now as a student who is preparing for SPM. There is something He wants you to do and someone whose life He wants to touch. Just ask Him to show you. This kind of prayers will sure be answered. Go on an adventure with Him. It will be exciting, I assure you.

prorogue said...

for one, doing well glorifies God..for another, God might get u into full time ministry..:P impact ppl will b your daily job..