Monday, September 15, 2008

Tuition is a waste of time. Do you agree?

Everyday I hear my friends talking about tuition. Some going for a few tuitions and some going for 5, 6 tuitions... Don't you think it's crazy to fill your time with tuitions? Do you think that tuition can help you in your studies? A little, yes, but mainly, it's about your own attitude. If you can discipline yourself a few solid hours at home, a few hours of exercising, and a good night's sleep, you will achieve the results you desire.

If one spends one's time day with tuitions, would one have time for hobbies? Nowadays, parents want all of their children to be better to them. They put so much pressure on them that sometimes the children get harried. With school from seven in the morning till two in the afternoon, then from three till five and seven till nine at night filled with tuitions, when would one have time for hobbies? If this is repeated daily, when would one have time for hobbies? Hobbies like collecting stamps, collecting signatures will take a back seat. One can obtain information by collecting stamps. One can learn about the names of different countries. Nowadays, nobody talks about hobbies but tuitions.

Tuition is a waste of time, because time is spent getting to tuition and that time can be spent revising. Imagine, if a person going to tuition spends 2 hours revising, the person revising at home, can spend three hours revising, because the time spent traveling is saved. Furthermore, you save money also. Tuition costs money, and oil used to fuel the cars also cost money. You learn to be more independent to, because you will learn the art of studying, and this might help you in future.

Tuition doesn't encourage you to think. You are being spoon-fed. This would not help you in future, because one needs the ability to think to excel in the working world. The worse part is, some students go tuition to socialize. Isn't this a waste of time? Of course! They waste money, time and resources. Socializing is not bad, but one should find the right time to do it.

So, is tuition a waste of time?


Anonymous said...

So do you go for that many tuitions?Just curious!

Daniel Ting said...

no.. only one...

Anonymous said...

wah..then you among the rare breed. These days I think young people take so many tuitions...too many.