Monday, September 1, 2008

More and more crime everyday...

Just recently, a big robbery happened in an airport, concerning three robbers and a money changer, but luckily for the money changer, the robbers took the wrong bag, containing the money changer's clothes instead of money. But the robbers shot 10 shots, and 3 hit the money changer and 7 hit the floor. These bullets could have endangered the lives of others. Malaysia is no longer a safe place, it used to be. So, we as citizens, we must do our part to curb crime. We should support the campaign "Prevent Crime, Get Involved, We Can Do It Together" launched by the government. But to me, I think the government should use the money spent on campaigning, to buy CCTVs. I understand that KL has many CCTVs to curb crime, but how about other cities in Malaysia? Don't think some big cities in Malaysia should have CCTV installed too? I'm not saying that campaigning is not good, just that too much campaingning is pointless and useless.

So, how to we as citizens, do our part? To me, I think we can report immediately any sign of crime to the police. Or, we can respond to a cry of help of the victim of crime. Don't just stand there, because one day, you might need help yourself.


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