Friday, September 5, 2008

Sports... Good or Bad?

Is sports a waste of time? I don't think so. I think sports benefit one mentally and physically. Sports is an activity of human endurance. It tests man to see the limits of man. If sports is a waste of time, why are countries hosting major competitions like Euro football, World Cup, Olympics and other major tournaments? Sports doesn't just benefit an individual, but also the country too.

When I think of sports, the first thing that comes to my mind is my favorite sport, squash. I think of players trying to hit the black ball against the wall, until one fails to retrieve it. I too spend time on sports. I play squash. One gets to keep fit and build one's physique while playing sports. Playing sports is actually exercising. Exercising keeps the blood pumping in your body and this prevents you from falling ill easily. Research indicates it slow the process of aging. So sports really can't be that bad...

Sports can also generate one country's economy. Take China for an example, recently, China just hosted the Olympics in Beijing. Because of the Olympics, at that time, all eyes were at Beijing. Why? Because Olympics is one of the oldest competition and covers almost every sports. Tourism is China will be the main benefactor, because people want to watch the athletes in action. People waited a day just to buy the tickets for the opening ceremony. Hosting the Olympics, also makes the country proud. It shows that the country has arrived, and now holds the title "Olympic City".

Usually when we play sports, we play in a group. This helps foster new friendships and we get to know the culture of other people. If you look at it in a larger scale, different people from different countries meet at Beijing to compete against each other. Take an athletic from China, he will get to meet people from Cuba, Malaysia, Russia, Israel and so many people from other countries.He will have friend from almost every country.

Sportsman and sportswoman will also learn good sportsmanship and learn to win and lose happily. That is why there is a phrase called "Everybody is a winner!". Take Olympics for an example, the people taking part in it would be proud, because they are representing their country. Sportsman and sportswomen will also learn how to play without cheating, like taking drugs to increase stamina.

So, what do you think? Sports good or bad? I think sports is good for you...

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Lim Hui Ning said...

Definitely good. Can't imagine my life without it. It's destressing and it keeps one's body healthy. I don't see how that is a waste of time. Hehe