Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am What I Dress...


Do you agree with the statement "I am what I dress"? I don't. This is why:

Last year, my company boss asked me to go to one of the countries in Europe on a job. It was a small little country, called Servib. It was ruled by a king, by the name of Rusof Cornwell.

Rusof Cornwell was like any other king. Wearing precious gems, a golden crown, and what a normal king wore, and when I first saw him, he was what he dressed. Then, I looked at myself, wearing black slacks and a a T-shirt and a normal business man, and yes, I am what I dress.

But an odd thing happened when I arrived at the airport. I was approached by the airport guards. They said the king's guards wanted to see me for attempted smuggling. I was surprised! Because I was not smuggling anything at all! When I was brought to the guards, I tired to explain. But before I could explain, the guards told me that they needed my help. I was surprised! They said they told the airport guards that I attempted smuggling because they did not want spies to know what they were up to. After they explained, I realized the danger I would be going into, because they wanted me to pose as a king. There was a plot to assassinate the king to take over the throne.

To cut the story short, the king did not get assassinated, but instead, his captors were caught and some killed, and the king thanked me. For once, I did not dress who I was. I dressed like a king, but I wasn't one. I disagree with the statement "I am what I dress".

What do you think?

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