Sunday, September 7, 2008


Have you ever thought of hitchhiking on a light beam till the end of the universe and then come back home? Imagine the miles you have traveled. I wonder what it would be like when I come back.


The speed of light is so fast that one wonders if time is passing. Yet, the universe is so wide and far that it takes 25 years to travel till the end of the universe. I missed by homeland, so I returned by hitchhiking another light beam. That took me another 25 years. And lo behold, I arrived back on Earth, but what changes had occurred to the world. What once was a polluted and dirty Earth, is now clean and unpolluted. Fresh air is available, yet there is no trees in sight. I looked around and saw, big machines. I wondered what there were, but actually there were big generators producing oxygen from water. I looked into the sky, and saw "flying cars"! An advertisement told me, that the "flying cars" were powered by carbon dioxide. I was amazed that once upon a time, the cycle was once photosynthesis carried out by the plants.

I looked around the dressing of the people and hailed one to asked about the trees and plants. He told me that all the plants and trees had been wiped out when a few meteors had hit the Earth at the same time. After that, an ice age lasted for 5 years, causing many to perish. But some survived, because people lived underground. And the technology was kept. He also added that the scientist were now working hard to genetically produce plants. They have just recently found some seeds in ice.

After he told me everything, I asked him what kind of clothes was he wearing. He told me it was the genetic fiber suit, that could be washed by just walking through a ray, that removes dirt and kills all microorganisms. WOW! I thought this only happened in science-ficton story books.

And there I knew, so many things had happened since I hitchhiked a light beam and traveled the galaxies. The home I knew was no longer there. In its place was totally different then I last remembered it. How I miss the green plants.

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