Friday, June 6, 2008

Petrol price increases, and everything increases!

Just a few days ago, the petrol price in Malaysia increased by a whooping 78 sen. Once petrol prices increases, it causes a domino effect. Bus and lorry companies are increasing their charges for their services. Lorry transport charges have increased by 40% - 60%. With this increasing, food prices, everything will increase, because of transportation fees. Bus services may grind to a halt when quota runs out. 
Though the government will see whether the road tax may be reduced. The government so far has announced  a RM 200 reduction on road tax for private vehicles with engine capacity over 2000 cc and private motorcycles with engine capacity over 250 cc, which isn't much. The government is also giving a rebate of RM 625 a year for private vehicles with engine capacity up to 2000 cc and private pick up trucks and jeeps up to 250 cc. A RM 150 reduction will be given to motorcycles with engine capacity up to 250 cc. 
In my opinion, I think the government increased the fuel prices to drastically, it should have been increased in stages. People would have to change their lifestyles in a blink of an eye. The people won't be able to cope, people will have to spend extra for transportation.


Lai Yu Zeng said...

New kind of cars released, it's from Japan (forgot its name). Using H2 as fuel. I think fuel crisis may end years to come

Daniel Ting said...

yup... fuel prices has skyrocket again!!!