Wednesday, June 11, 2008

EURO 2008 has kicked off!!!

The EURO 2008 has kicked off on the 8th of June 2008. It's a pity all the games are screened on TV at night. I want to watch the games! I've read somewhere on the net that the winners of EURO 2008 would get as much as 23 million euros!
The UEFA organization will generate a record income of 1.3 billion euros. Haiz... So much money!!!
The 16 finalist, that participate gets a whooping 7.5 million euros each. 16 finalist, 120 million euros!!! They get it just for participating! They will get a further 1 million euros win and 0.5 million euros for a draw in the group stages. The eight teams in the quarter-finals will each receive 2 million euros! And the semi-finalist will share 6 million euros! The winning finalist will get 7.5 million euros, while the loser finalist will get 4.5 million euros. WOW! Just so much money spent on a football competition alone.


Anonymous said...


Nice post.

Would like to share Euro 2008 Fan club Website for Euro 2008 Scorecard, News, Videos & Photos.


Lai Yu Zeng said...

Interesting fact, where did you get it?

Daniel Ting said...

Reading... from newspapers, online...