Monday, June 9, 2008


A handphone is a useful gadget, yet it also can be bad for you. Everything has its pros and cons, even the handphone.
The handphone has many pros, one of them is during an emergency, you can call someone for help instantly. For example, if you are stuck in the city, or lost of finding a place you want to go, you can just use the GPS which is one of the many functions of the handphone. If your handphone isn't equipped with a GPS, or isn't a GPS phone, you can just call a friend for directions, than asking a stranger for directions.
Another benefit of having a handphone is, you get to stay connected with your friends. For example, if you are living in Alor Star, and your pal is staying in Johor, and you wish to just have a chat with him, you can just call or send an SMS. You can even talk face to face through the handphone with 3G. You will not need to trouble yourself to travel all the way down to Johor to talk to him. Everything is just at a touch of a button.
When you are bored and have nothing to do, you can just play with your handphone games, or watch a movie, or even surf the web! It can also be a source of entertainment. For example, picture yourself in a bus, bored, with nothing to do, you can just take out your handphone and occupy time by playing games on your handphone or watch a movie.
Handphone has its cons too. One thing bad about having a handphone is handphone sends out EMF, which is bad for the brain. If you place your handphone near your
near your phone within a 20cm radius for a long period of time daily, you are actually increasing your risk of getting brain cancer by 10%.
The handphone can also be a source of distraction. For example, when a person is doing something, and the telephone rings, you will stop everything to answer the call. This distracts the person nd causes the person to lose concentration on what he is doing.


Lai Yu Zeng said...

HP bad for health, computers better :P

Daniel Ting said...

yalo... but computers cheaper some more... pay one time can d...