Thursday, March 10, 2011

In The Name of Science... [Part 2]

Well, based on my previous post, I received more opinions that animal testing should be done in the name of science.

Here's another point of view of mine.

Animal testing often been debated whether it is the right or wrong thing to do. Scientist will insist that it's necessary! Giving the reason that this steps are taken to ensure the future of mankind against various diseases and cure or respite from the ravages of diseases. But animal-lovers, will give you point-blank "NO!", stating that these testings are just pure acts of evil.

To me, well, I believe that animals should have equal rights to a human. Who are we as humans to tie an animal up and subject it to pins and needles, different strains of bacteria or viruses just for the sake of science? You might argue that if these steps are not taken, you and me wouldn't be here, and the average lifespan of a human would be greatly affected.

But, there's always an alternative. There is almost always two ways in science. Why not use remedies instead of chemically-engineered ones? Plant-based remedies for an instant, are often harmless, and without side-effects, even if it's tested on humans or animals. It has been PROVEN that it produces similar or BETTER results compared to the chemically-engineered remedies! Let's take the example of a commonly found illness, fever. Why use panadol, when we can use natural remedies like chewing on tusci leaves and peppercorn, and taking loads of fluids to cure the disease? Just because we want to have the convenience of just swallowing a pill, more animals have to suffer the fate of being tortured and killed? It's just pure inhumanity! Panadol kills us slowly anyway, it contains mercury that accumulates in our body which can cause death in the long run. So, why use chemically-engineered products? Switch to natural remedies!

If we say human lives should be given higher priority compared to animals because of our family and relatives, how about THEM? Don't they have families TOO? Monkeys, the most used animal in animal testing due to their vast similarities to humans, live in herd. How can we know for sure that the herd it was in, mourns for the lost of their brother or sister? Place yourself in their shoes and imagine the agony you would feel when such a thing happens to you.

So, which is the right thing to do? I'm still unsure.

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