Monday, March 14, 2011

Snail Mail Dangers!

Danger is lurking at ever corner, even in snail mail!

It has been said that there are cases where lawyers have done the following:
a) Mailing empty/sealed AR registered letters to people on behalf of their clients for some court case matter.
b) AR registered mail, either consisting of brochures promoting sale of new real estate or some car model or just an empty A4 size paper inside.

Normally, we'll regard it as junk, and don't give it another thought about it, right? But, there is a DANGER!

WHAT IF, the letter that you signed for is used against you? The AR registered card that you signed for when you received the letter will be returned to the law firm stating that the letter was delivered and signed, which in other words, it is the proof of delivery that can be used against you.

It applies to the so very convenient "Certificate of Posting" which is used in court. When the grace period for you to respond is over, they quietly go to court and show proof that an AR registered letter was sent to you as a reminder and you did not bother to defend it and thus convince the court officials to get a judgement against you. So, don't be surprised when a police car suddenly appears in front of your house with a warrant to arrest you.

What happens then? You seek for legal advice from the respective ways and people, you hire a lawyer, waste a few thousand here and there, and appeal to the High Court to set aside the matter.

To prevent this, what should you do?
1. You have the RIGHT to REJECT any mail/parcel from unknown sources.
2. You have the RIGHT to ask the postman to OPEN the mail and see what is inside the contents.
3. You have the RIGHT to REJECT the letter and deliver to a law firm you know.
4. If you have SIGNED & COLLECTED and EMPTY AR registered mail, LODGE A POLICE REPORT, and also report to the bar council to protect you if the matter goes to court.

Frightening what humans these day can do to you right? Danger lurks everywhere, even at the places you never did think of. What has become of the world? Where is the justice? Imagine, even snail mail has become the devil's playground. Where or what next? :S

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