Monday, December 20, 2010

In The Name Of SCIENCE?!?

In the name of Science, how many bugs have to suffer in formalin?
In the name of Science, how many white rats have to be killed alive?In the name of Science, how many plants have to lose their source of energy?
In the name of Science, how many factors than maintain the ecosystem in equilibrium are disturbed?

The answer, A LOT!!!

I went to school today to "cut open" a rhinoceros beetle that I caught yesterday. I have this school project or rather known as PEKA, asking us to catch 25 different species of insects, and preserve them. I was thinking to myself, "The Biology syllabus also teaches us how to take care of the environment, and ways to prevent the animals from going extinct. And by doing this project, isn't this also harming the environment?". Funny, they teach us this and yet do the opposite.

I wasn't feeling too good when I killed the rhinoceros beetle that I caught. It was so cruel. Who are we to kill such animals? Imagine being pierced through your stomach. What would you feel? The pain one would have to bear. AH! Science oh science! Why art thou so cruel?


Xuelin said...

I share the same feelings. Why should animals suffer in the name of science? I would rather drop Bio than experiment on a white rat.

Xiu Jing said...

As heartless as it may seem, all those 'cruel' experiments on animals has permitted scientists and researchers to come up with many of the cures and treatments that we enjoy today. We take a one-sided view at the whole scenario and brand it 'cruel' when we don't even realise its contribution to mankind.

Yes, experiments like that could be carried out on human beings, but would you rather suffer the pain? I think not, for if that were to happen, scientists and researches would be labelled as inhumane jerks who care not for humanity. And therein lies the issue.

Just sharing a small portion of my thoughts. :)

Jian said...

You have to look at the bigger picture or drop bio or any related field for that matter.