Monday, March 14, 2011

Take Two... Malaysia Nuke Plants' Plans.

Just not to long ago, Malaysia announced that the government has plans to build 2 nuke power plants.
There were protests against it, but nothing was done against it. Where is the people first spirit? Oh well.

Let's take recents incidents into the picture. Japan, just experienced one of the biggest earthquakes in recorded history. They suffered huge loses and many lives were lost.

But, I'm not writing here today to talk about the damaged they sustained, but focus on their nuke plant.
Japan fears a meltdown at their nuke plants. The chains of reactions in the aftermath of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami severed the power supply to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex 170 miles northeast of Tokyo, crippling the reactor's cooling system. To add on to their misery, one of the backup power did not kick in properly in one of the units.

A hydrogen explosion occurred. Without electricity supply, plant pipes and pumps destroyed, they have resorted to drawing seawater with boron in attempt to cool off the overheated uranium fuel rods. You can see that the situation is very grim and they are out of alternatives cool down the rods. Translation: "They are getting DESPERATE!".

What could happen if a nuclear meltdown occurs? More people will die, radiation flying throughout the country. And Japan we know today, will change indefinitely. A nuclear meltdown can make Northern Japan almost inhabitable, due to the radioactive emissions. And many health problems will arise. Net loss would account into billions!

Scary isn't it?

Let's bring it back to Malaysia. They are planning to build not one, but two nuclear plants! Look at Japan, it's a first world country, their technology used and man-skill are much more canggih than us by a few times more. They do not let corruption take over their work ethics, they do not compromise on the safety precautions that ought to be taken, neither do they use cheap materials to build infrastructure, etc. We don't see buildings built over there collapsing over their after just being built for less than 5 years, right? Or bridges cracking, right?

Or let's picture another possibility, if the tectonic plates shifts closer to Malaysia, and an earthquake happens in Malaysia, not only the nuclear plant is at stake, but EVERYTHING will fall as if they are made from cardboard. Malaysian buildings are not made even to withstand minor earthquakes.

Anyway, if Malaysia succeeds in building the 2 nuke plants, and a massive natural disaster hits Malaysia. I wonder what would happen. We aren't even capable of building solid bridges or building, and yet we're moving up another level.
We don't want to see a mushroom cloud over Malaysia, right? And if a meltdown DOES occur in Peninsular Malaysia, I believe almost the whole of Peninsular will be inhabitable.

So, why play with fire when there are OTHER alternatives? Let's develop solar power, for example. After all, Malaysia is such a sunny country. Or maybe, hydropower? There are so many other alternatives, why use the one with the greatest danger?

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