Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Trip To Butterfly Farm Penang! :)

Went to Penang last Saturday. It was supposed to be a shopping trip for my sis, but it later turned out to be an educational trip. :D

Well, frankly, it was me who wanted to come to Penang Butterfly Farm. I wanted to find out whether they sold specimens of butterflies, so that I can use it for my Biology school project. Whether they sold it or not, I'll come to that part later. :P

Penang Butterfly Farm. It's privately owned I guess. Do you know how much it costs per person??? For a MALAYSIAN adult, it's RM 10 per person, and for a MALAYSIAN kid, it's RM 5. For tourist, they are charged at a different rate. They have to pay double the price, RM 20 per adult, and per kid... RM10.
Going in...
I think it's worth the money though. Where in Malaysia can you find a place where there are so many different butterflies so close to you? Even those rare ones can be seen roaming around in there!
These two butterlies don't wanna talk to each other. :D
One of the butterfies landed on my hand, and refused to take off, leaving my sister itching her hands also have one butterfly on her hand.
There are other things to see too... and not just butterflies. There is a turtle to see, loads of SCORPIONS and a museum of some artifacts that are unknown to me.
More pictures of butterflies.

There is gallery of already baked and preserved butterflies. I tell you, the collections are amazing! You can see different types of butterflies according to color, environment, place of origin, the name it. It's the prefect place for butterfly lovers!
Before saying goodbye.
And oh, they do sell butterfly specimens. But it all costs a bomb! Are you willing to spend between a range of RM 80 to RM 500 for a well-preserved butterfly? T

hey have a store especially for STUDENTS only, you can buy those specimens at a cheap rate of RM 5 to RM 30, but they are not well preserved, their wings are closed (the wings of the insects must be open for the Biology project). You can buy them, but you will have a tough time trying to open their wings as they are all hard and brittle already.

Anyways... going to Penang again later. :D


Xuelin said...

I never realised that the butterfly farm is such an interesting place...would love to go there someday :)

mcHew said...

O butterfly..XDD
just steal one can??!LOL

Daniel Ting said...

xuelin: yeah... it's worth your while. a little costly though. but you'll learn and experiece loads there. :)

mc: = = you know hor... there got security people walking around...? you wan kena catch is it? :D