Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hard Times Are Definitely Coming...

I can't deny that I can predict hard times are looming up soon. Look at the current state of Malaysia today... corruption, more severe natural disasters, increasing crime rates, price hike of certain items... and this is just one country. There are about 196 countries in the world today.

Every country has a government to govern the country. Malaysia, is no different, is a democratically-run country. I believe that everyone is hoping for a change so for the better good of the country, and are starting to vote for change in the general elections. But sometimes, the government that you have voted for will not whole your hand during hard times, instead... short-changing you. The reason is simple. To avoid bankruptcy.

Look at the current Federal Government, has decided that it's time to cut the subsidies of sugar, petrol, etc... and there has been a lot of complaints about it. The reason is simple of why the government is doing so. Corruption. Is it possible to save Malaysia from corruption by cutting the subsidies? I don't think so. If corruption persists, one day, there will be no subsidies to cut, no where else to source the money, and, Malaysia shall be declared bankrupt. It isn't fair to those who depend on these subsidies to make ends meet.

It doesn't take an idiot to notice that RM 100 can buy less things compared to 5 years ago. My fav. curry-puff store that I always go to near Sentosa sold it's famous curry puff at RM 0.20 per piece 5 years ago, but now, the price has risen to RM 0.50. Why, in 5 years time, my fav. curry puff might be sold at RM 1.00 per piece. 5 years ago, electricity tariffs weren't that high either, or petrol prices. But now, look at how everything is sky-rocketing! Why the government spending the money on building a 100-story Mega Tower: Warisan Merdeka, and not combating corruption and inflation?

It's something to think about.

Here's a site I found about Malaysia's standing in social, development, consumption and environment statistics in the world, click here.

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