Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 2 of Sports Camp!

I woke up at 2.30 a.m.! It was so COLD! I did not bring my own sleeping bag, I was told that I needed to, but I suppose that is a basic camping rule.... HOW COULD I FORGET??? Anyways, I woke up later at 6.30 a.m. to prepare for the officers meeting.

We had a "mini" pembarisan like those in NS, where we will sing the national anthem, except that it isn't so strict here. Next, devotion time followed by breakfast.

Normally, in other camps organized by SU, it would be another session time, but in this case, it was time for SPORTS! Oh well, I guess this is why this is called a Sports Camp after all...

We had an introduction to this sport called "Floorball", heard it before? No, right? It seems that it is only popular in Penang, KL, and Sabah. It's something like hockey, the only difference is that the ball is made of hollow plastic instead of a solid hockey ball. Pastor Edward, from Penang explained briefly about the game, about the rules and techniques in handling the ball. A short practical session was held to get a feel of the game.

After lunch, a mini competition were held among the 6 teams. And guess which team won? My team! LOL! An officers against campers match were also held, and obviously, the officers won (Who can beat the officers with Pastor Edward, the coach; playing against them?).

The competition ended rather early, earlier than planned. So, the campers had free time to play any sport they desire. Wesley Methodist Church Penang... I'd say is a rather well-equipped with sports facilities church. They have badminton, ping-pong and a basketball or volleyball court! They also have a field opposite the road!

Dinner followed by night session, Man. A youth worker all the way from Ipoh came all the way to come give a talk and coach basketball for those who signed up for the following day. The SU team started off with a little time of worship and then a short stimulation game before the message. The stimulation game was rather interesting, it was about making a puppet out of the materials given. We should try it in MYF some time. My group did a quite a good job designing it although they didn't have the time to hook up the puppet with the puppet controller. We still managed to get 3rd! :D

The message was simple and complete. He was quite engaging with the youth... he would ask questions, and if you do not pay attention, you might just find yourself with a mike pushed to you without knowing what to say.

After sharing, sports.... AGAIN! Tonight was something different... OLD SCHOOL SPORTS! Meaning spinning tops, Kali-Kandak, and another game whose name I can't remember.

Well, here goes another long day! Tomorrow I shall be rejoining my family! :)

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