Saturday, February 20, 2010

myFM Cruiser Experience....

Today, I shall take a break from blogging about SUSOM. So, I'll blog about my experience following the myFM cruisers to give out goodies! =) myFM is top Chinese radio station in Malaysia. The target audience is the young people.

I had this opportunity to join this cruiser trip, because my aunt works in Astro. She thought it would be good for me to see how the real broadcasting world is like. (Thanks!) And boy! Security was tight.... guess it should be. TV/Radio stations are after all plausible targets for takeovers....

I went in with this pass....
...Astro visitor! Although I'm supposedly to be "working" for astro, I do not get the smart card that is used to open doors and get pass security and all.

I was mesmerized by the facilities they provide for the staff and visitors, there is a panel of grid that contains 16 TV sets airing different Astro channels, and flat-screen TVs everywhere around the corridor, and even the cafeteria! For a kampung boy like me, it's an eye opening experience!

My aunt brought me up to where she worked. They worked in cubicles. Everyone could actually see each other if they stand up. The first department she took me was the IT Department. Guess she must have thought that it's suitable for me. She introduced me to the ICT staff and told him to give me a job. My first task was to identify the old computers to be written off... It was easy. All I needed to do was just to note down the serial numbers. Later, my aunt told my mom that I'm more than competent for that kind of job.

It's in Astro grounds itself! Isn't it nice?

By the time I finished by job, it was about 11 a.m., the cruisers were supposed to pick me up at 11:30 a.m., I had plenty time to spare. My aunt, decided to treat me breakfast at the cafeteria, so we went. This is what I had...
Wan tan mee!... which I think was not bad.

The myFM cruisers arrived at the north entrance (I think) to pick me up. There were 3 guys and a girl, all in their 20s (by their looks, I think). The location the cruisers were to go today was outside K-Tar. Look at all the goodies they brought!
Mister Potato Chips, e-Pop, Chinese CDs, tissue paper, Pepsi, vouchers, etc... How did they distribute these goodies? First, all who come will get something, either Mister Potato Chips and a brochure, or a chinese CD and a brochure. Next, the play games with the crowd! The winner gets a prize of course! And they did that till everything was given out.
The cruiser car, a sponsored Perodua car filled with goodies!
The crowd who came...
In conclusion, this was all a new experience for me. I've often heard on the radio; come to this place or this place where the radio people will head and give out freebies, but have never actually gone to hunt for it.

I was really tired after the trip, mainly because I spent the day before in Nilai College. Oh well, I'm glad I had the opportunity! =)

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