Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More About Scipture Union Students On Mission (SUSOM)...

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Wednesday 13.01.2010
My old sleeping bug has returned! I woke up rather late today (which I think was okay, as I was not preparing the breakfast =P). I guess the previous' days of sessions has taken its toll on me. Breakfast was simple... cornflakes with milk! (Note: We SUSOMites have good food! =) So if you are thinking about what will we eat there when we attend SUSOM, do not worry! So, JOIN SUSOM 2011! )

The previous' days sessions by Aunt Runa was already deep and challenging, but today's was even deeper and harder to comprehend! In his first session with us, he shared to us about understanding the will of God. In his understanding, he believes that there are three levels of God's Will; God's Sovereign Will, God's Moral Will and God's Individual Will (which I too believe, until there is another input to challenge that thinking). I will just briefly write about what I understand from his teachings. God's Sovereign Will. God has a master plan for all creation from the eternal past to the eternal future. Our future is written in the bible, in 1 Corinthians 15:24-25.
Then the end will come, when He hands over the Kingdom of God the Father after He has destroyed all dominion, authority and power. For he must reign until He has put all His enemies under his feet.
1 Corinthians 15:24-25
We can never run away from the future, the human race will one day face the end of the world, maybe not this generation, but in the generations to come. So, why are we still trying to play God? But, it is just my opinion and what I believe. So, what do you think?

Next, God's Moral Will. I must say I still am a little blur in this area. But, from what I understand is God has a "code of life" for each of us... all of our different attitudes, beliefs, ethics,... etc. In 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5, it is written...
It is God's Will that you should be sanctified; that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control your body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like in heathen, who do not know God.
1 Thessalonians 4:3-5
God's individual will is God's ideal and detailed life-plan uniquely designed for each individual person. So, I was thinking, if God has a plan for us since before we were born, shouldn't our lives be going according to His plan? And when that happens, shouldn't the earth be a happier place to live in? BUT! Uncle Jason added, God also gave us free will, free will to make choices, to follow His plan, or our own. BUT! God is not dictated or directed by man, because it was He who created us.

By the end of that session, my mind was already close to shutting down. I was physically exhausted from the previous' days sessions and I was finding it a little hard to pay full concentration on what he was sharing about. His session in the morning with us was cut short because every Wednesday, SU and FES will have a combined prayer meeting in the meeting room. The FES staff led the prayer meeting, and the message was also shared by a FES staff. She shared about the people in the bible.

We had lunch at Uncle Jason's house! They invited the SUSOMites + SU Staff to their house for lunch! We walked there, because his house just two rows away. Uncle Jason's house is designed in a way that it looks very spacious, and also the interior design is fantastic! It is then I was told that before Uncle Jason joined SU, his profession was architecture. Ah.... I want the CHEESECAKE Aunt Sharon served that day! =)

Uncle Jason continued his session with us after lunch. He talked about whether God is in control over the bad things happening in the world today. A quotation from Uncle Jason "God is NEVER out of control because He sees the end from the beginning. Nothing will ever surprise God!" So, I was thinking, God let bad things happen for a purpose??? So, I thought further, when bad things happen, what do we do? We blame God. Have you ever thought that maybe God allowed the bad thing to happen because He wanted to teach you something? It's often to see the hidden agenda for us, because we are SO BLINDED by the suffering we suffer. Isn't it true?

Life Application session was postponed, because Runa was feeling a little unwell, so we had FREE TIME! =) If the session was conducted that night, my brain would have exploded due to too MUCH thinking, and processing. =P

With our free time, we played "SPOON" and also "Taboo". "SPOON" was hilarious. Tong got sabotaged by Teng, that made him lose. Haha...
Our first free time together... =)
Playing Taboo! =)
Even Sieh Jin joined us for Taboo! =)
Thus, ends the LONG and HEAVY third day of SUSOM! =)


--=Tan Yi Jing=-- said...

actually hor.. can non-christian join u all too??

s a r a h said...

don't have to highlight the cheesecake kua. bluek!

Daniel Ting said...

To Yi Jing: I think can't...

To sarah: Really nice ma... I miss the cheesecake! =P

Celina Eshlyn said...

lol~! wow..XD

Josh said...

To Yi Jing: I think that the programme would be most beneficial if a person were to join as a Christian because the actual purpose is to give us an experience of full-time Christian ministry. It would be difficult for one to learn to have the heart to serve God if the "god" he or she believes in is not the same as ours. In any case, whether or not a non-Christian will be accepted is the SU's prerogative. They would have their own considerations as well (i.e. whether the person will be able to contribute to the well-being of the group). But as far as I am concerned, SUSOM is a programme designed for Christian school-leavers. SU also organises evangelistic camps for non-Christians such as the Sports Camp and ZMax camp which I would recommend instead of SUSOM.