Friday, February 26, 2010

More about SUSOM 2010! =)

More about SUSOM! For older posts, click here! =) I think this post will be rather long! Happy reading! =)

Thursday 14.01.10
The fourth day of SUSOM begins! As usual, I woke up late again. =P

We had another session with Uncle Jason. It will be his last session with us. After this, he'll be just be joining us for the mission trips around Malaysia. He shared about "Understanding God's Will For My Life". Let me start with a quote from Asian Beacon Volume 31/5 1999.
"If one is led by the Spirit, one must be the right person at the right place at the right time."
He introduced us to 5 models of God's Will for My Life (in his view of this topic). The 5 models are the blue-print model, the non-inference model, the final-destination model, multi-tier model, and personal guide model. Let me go through all the models one by one.

The first model, the blue-print model. Do you believe that God has a special and detailed plan for your life? In the bible, it says in Jeremiah 1:5:
Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.
Jeremiah 1:5
He knew us before we even born, because it is He who created us. Although we might say, we are not Christians and all, but still, do you know that every bad thing that happens to you happens for a purpose? Most of the time, when a bad thing happens, what do you do? You blame God for allowing the bad thing to happen. You would question, "WHY GOD? Why didn't you protect me? Don't you love me?". But I believe if you look long and hard enough for the reason it happened, I think you'll find the purpose why God allowed it to happen. But, it's just what I believe and what I think. You may disagree with me.

The second model, the non-interference model. God allows people to make their own decisions and plans, because He gave us free will to make a choice (since Adam and Eve ate the fruit in the Garden of Eden). An example in the bible of it is in Judges 21:25.
In those days Israel had no king; everyone did what he saw fit.
Judges 21:25
God doesn't interfere with the choices we make. We have our own free will, for He gave us that will. Therefore, if we want to turn our backs on Him, there is no one stopping you.

Final Destination. God has one ultimate or a few ultimate destinations for us. We are free to get there any how. Meaning, if you follow God, and God wants us to be a doctor, it doesn't matter we study locally or outstation, the end result would be still you would be a doctor. Like Joseph in the bible...,
Joseph's final destination is to be in a certain position in Egypt so that he may provide food to his family in famine time.
Example of Joseph
After Uncle Jason's DEEP session, we had a closing orientation session. This marked the ending of these heavy sessions, and the rest would be hands on experience. We were given a short briefing about the church deputations work we would be doing in Kuala Lumpur. The 6 of us had to split into two groups, as we were going to two churches; SIB Brickfields and Tamil Methodist.
Joshua, Xiu Ying and me were to go to Tamil Methodist, with Sieh Jin and Jennifer, while the other half with Runa at her church SIB Brickfields (FYI, SIB Brickfields is a Malay speaking church). Going to a Methodist church wasn't much a big deal for me, after all, I'm a Methodist too. Each group had to perform a skit or a song (My group performed a song, while the other did a short skit).
Lunch at Cameron Towers!
After lunch, we had a Pastor from Malacca to conduct a session on Cambodia, as he has been there for mission work in the children ministry. He touched a little on the Cambodian history. Did you know that Christianity was only legalized in Cambodia in 1990s? Before this, if you were a Christian, it was against the law! O.O
The Pastor sharing about Cambodia.
We had a little free time after his sharing, because he ended his session earlier than scheduled. Guess what we did!
Online! =D
After our little session of online"ing", we headed back to the SU Staff house to cook dinner... We were going to cook SPAGHETTI that day. Guess who was on duty to prepare dinner... Joshua, Xiu Ying, Xiu Jing and me (Sure very sedap, because I'm cooking! =P).
Jing playing with "Tong" the chicken... =D
Jing washing "Tong" the chicken... =D (She just loves to play with "Tong") =P
End result: Spaghetti and the sauce!
According to Jason Lai, when the spaghetti is cooked, throw it against the wall, if it sticks, means it is cooked. (Funny, huh? But somehow I think it's not true, because the spaghetti was still a little hard. =P).



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