Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday '131207

Hiya folks!
Last Wednesday I just went to Singapore to visit my cousins, maternal grandparents and Uncle Ad and Aunty FL. Unfortunately Uncle Al and Aunty K were not around...

Boy! Singapore is really different from Malaysia. Although Singapore is just a small island, I think it's better run than Malaysia.

In terms of cleanliness, I think I'd give Singapore an A. Don't see much rubbish everywhere. Their Majlis Bandaran equivalent very efficient. Here it is a different story altogether. You and I know that rubbish can be seen almost everywhere. In Singapore, the transport system is really good. All you need is the "Ez-Link" card to get around. The card it's just like a "Touch & Go" card. It deducts the loaded amount each time you use it on the MRT, LRT or bus. And the buses in Singapore are punctual. Need I comment on our public transportation? I think places like Penang would be better if they build their LRT. Talk is on..infact approval has been given. But it takes too long for authorities to get their butt moving!! So although Singapore's population is more than Penang's, the latter is still jammed-packed with cars. Better have the LRT or MRT up and running because it is not so costly. Further more it helps save the environment.

Singapore also takes cares of its environment. In Singapore, there are many trees. They provide shade for those on foot almost everywhere. Over here, trees are being cut down and not replanted. It's no wonder the air in Singapore seems cleaner and fresher. In Singapore, you can feast your eyes on so many things. For young teenagers like me, there are lots of new stuff for me to see and experience. (Lucky for them, unfortunate for me :( )
Saw some China made cars too. Not bad-lah. WHY aren't China cars sold here yet? My uncle says one can get a China made car for under S$2500, without the COE of course. There you have to buy a COE to own a car. COE(s) are more expensive than the cars, of course. But their cars are still quite affordable. I see lots of nice cars on the road. Anyway, is our government overprotecting Proton, depriving Malaysians of cheaper and perhaps even better alternatives? In terms of hawker food, Penang food is quite good but if you want to try fancy stuff, you are spoilt for choice in Singapore.

Food in Singapore is cheaper also, if you do not convert from RM to S$. For S$3, you can get a big bowl of curry mee. In Malaysia, RM3 also gets you a bowl of curry mee but the portion is much smaller. The libraries are much bigger in Singapore too. Aunty FL pointed out one in Orchard Rd which was a really huge building. She says she will bring me there during my next visit. Every floor is supposed to be filled with lots of books. I think even our National Library in KL can't compare in size.

One thing not so good about Singapore is that when you are there, you are required to do a lot of walking. Since parking from the destination is usually far and limited, you have to walk. You'll get blisters if you are not used to walking long distances. Well, anyway, I enjoyed my trip to Singapore. Shall post more on the places I visited later.

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