Thursday, December 27, 2007

PMR result... haiz...

I knew I wouldn't get good results and I didn't...
Well, as expected... haiz... I got

Bahasa Melayu B
Wat a failure am I.... haiz... :(

Bahasa Inggeris A

Mathematics A

Science A

Sejarah A

Geografi A


Bahasa Cina B
thought i would get a C or D... what a relief... phew!

Damn... kinda disappointed. Haiz.... Wanted a 7 but only got a 6! And my school had 17 8 A's. Out of the 17, I think only a boy got 8A's and the rest are girls. 23 got 7 A's and 18 got 6 A's....
Gotta work harder!!!! & HARDER!!! & HARDER!!!!
Now.... gotta worry whether can get in Bio class a not.... 23+17=40 pupils. A class can take only maximum 45 pupils.... Who will be the lucky 5? Will I be one of them? Or I will be in the unlucky group? I want to go to Bio class!!!!! haiz....
Next year.... will be a nightmare... how many subjects am I going to take? Will I be able to cope?
Hrm.... Let's see...
Core subjects
1. Malay (stupid subject)
2. Chinese (another gone case)
3. English (1119 included)
4. Modern Maths (why don't they combine Additional Maths with Maths? After all, it's still Maths)
5. Moral (some subject that requires you to memorize 32 values-nilai)
6. History (killer subject)

Assuming I take pure science (which I hope for)
7. Biology (a science version of history)
8. Chemistry
9. Physics
10. Additional Mathematics (another killer subject)
11. EST (English for Science and Technology)

Optional (wish to take)
12. Principle of Accounts
13. Bible Knowledge
14. Geography (my mother is trying to discourage me from taking, but I like this subject)

So many subjects. My head's gonna blow!!!

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