Saturday, January 1, 2011

MYF Christmas Party 2010.

First post of the year!

Christmas is over! :(

2010 is over! :(

Sorry this post is a little late. I have been pretty busy lately, preparing and celebrating Christmas, and camps before and after Christmas. :)
This year's Christmas Party wasn't as big as last year's, but it was still big. More than 100 people came and celebrated the birth of Jesus. :) Of course, a third of the people were MYFers themselves. Anyone interested in attending MYF? MYF, for the year 2011 will begin this coming Friday at 7.30 p.m. Do come! :)"Paddle-Pop, Lolli-Pop, Super Duper Yummy!" Quoted from Joseph. :P

Everyone who attended had fun one way or another... I hope. :)For those of you who missed it. You missed the turkey! That's why you should have came!

This year, MYF wanted to make the party more like those in the Western countries, where turkeys are served in Christmas dinners. MYF ordered 2 turkeys (if I'm not mistaken)! And it was all sapu'ed'.
Many DSLRs could be seen roaming around too! haha...
The dance performance (for those of you who attended would know), was choreographed by me. :D The idea was sort of copied from somewhere else (for those who know, shhhh!), but not the dance moves. :) AND, we DID NOT use glow sticks! :D

The video of the dance will be out soon. :) The skit, was all done by Timothy and his crew. Only the video was done by me. I'm not sure whether the whole video will be posted online. The plot was based on the book/movie "My Sister's Keeper". Read or watched the movie before?I could not help but post this picture here. :P Don't kill me! haha.Anyway, after the party, more celebrations! At KFC. haha... All of us, tired out, except for the younger ones, and Edward (if you still consider him young... :P) were hyper! Edward, full of energy since Day 1 of preparations till today, is still very hyper (even after camp)!One for the album!

Looking forward to next year's Christmas. For now, it's back to school! :(

P.S. To those who missed last year's Christmas Party, come for this year's! Next big MYF event will be MYF Easter Party! :)

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