Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Want.

Time is the key to all the "I wants" in the world. We often live a life of regret and resentment of the mistakes made and mistakes of our past. Often, one would look at this incidents as times of shame instead of lessons learnt. Imagine time is in your hands, how fun it would be? Mistakes of the past, corrected and perfected. Or looking into the future, taking technology at it's peak, and making the world a better place?

I believe, man given the power of controlling time has always been and is the top-most "I want" thing in their life. Every man and woman would reflect on their past with resentment and regret, wishing that they did or did not do certain things in their life. The question and hopeful thought of "What if I did..." will always be asked. But sadly, man is NOT God. Time isn't ours to call, man lives with time. Our lives are dictated by it.

But it cannot be denied, it is fun to think about man being able to turn back time. Imagine turning back time to the age of 7, when life was so care-free! The purpose of life then was just to learn, eat and grow. Life's sad truth of life being not as easy and sweet as it seems would be often withheld from you by your parents. And wouldn't life be great, if you could turn back time to the age of 7 with the mindset and knowledge you have gained from the past 18 years of your life? Imagine re-living life, knowing what is going to happen next, and being the child your parents always wanted you to be, or making sure you work hard on your Chinese, and so on. Your life would be forever changed! And that's not the end of it, other people's perception of you are changed too!

A new car, a new house might be what everyone dream of when growing up, but it's just superficial. Time on the other hand, is what every man desires for. But in the end, all the "I wants" in the world can't shape or break you, and time is going to wait for no man. There is a saying that goes, "No one starts a war without knowing clearly what their purpose is." Likewise, that's how everyone should live their life. No one should start their day without knowing how they should live their day. Live life like it's your last. Make every single day count, making it meaningful and productive. This should be in everybody "I wants" list priority!

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lxy said...

I don't entirely agree with this post, but i like it. =D