Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is just round the corner, right? I assume that all of you just can't wait for the day itself to come, so that your pockets will be lined with the "ang pow" you receive, and use the money to buy the things you have been waiting for ages... right?

But, Chinese New Year isn't just any joyous occasion. It can sometimes be described as running an obstacle course. Curious on what I'm trying to get across? Read on.

Every Chinese New Year, it's no fact that everyone wants a piece of you, and this is worse for married couples. Everywhere you go, be it at your favourite restaurant, or the market, you can't do a simple pirouette without someone asking you to buy some Chinese New Year cookies, or some Chinese New Year stuff.

Every Chinese New Year, us, unmarried people, get our pockets lined (for those who celebrate), and those married, sorry, more holes in your pockets. It's an expensive affair, YEARLY.

But, I suppose to some, it's time for the BIG reunion. Sadly, it doesn't happen in most families. An uncle of yours might be tied up at work in Singapore. Or maybe another stuck in the States and has no means of coming back.

According to the old Chinese traditions, it's supposed to be celebrated with big family gatherings, eating symbolic foods and display of decorations, and not to leave out fireworks... basically, to bring good luck to the year to come, and have fun with loved ones.

Isn't it sad that many are just not following that tradition anymore? I mean, to me, this is real. We only meet once in a blue moon, for certain relatives of mine. I've even met a cousin I've never met before in my 18 years of life while I was in Youthquake!

So, why is the world celebrating Chinese New Year these days? For an income? For money? Or for the joy of family reunions?


dy said...

I concur; I can still recall the times past where my whole extended family from one side would gather under one roof. Now that is just a faded memory; everyone's become so 'sophisticated' and 'modernized', too 'busy' to spend quality time with their families...Sigh.

PEH LAN said...

How true! Family reunion at Chinese New Year is worth all the rush, the traffic jams and the inconveniences. At the end of life it is still good relationships that count.

Have a joyous New Year celebration (even though it's a bit too early to wish you) and a good harvest of ang pow

--=Tan Yi Jing=-- said...

hey dan~
cny is really a good time to meet my relatives for me.. =)
although i'll feel weird when i saw somebody i never know, cny is still the only reunion time of mine with my cousins..
do enjoy it~ =)