Thursday, July 9, 2009

SPM is 125+ days... Am I prepared?

SPM is in 125+ days. Am I prepared? No! Not even close! And SPM is said to be an exam with no standard in the eyes of the world. How would I fare in other places, whose standard is much higher? I'm already struggling here!

Basically, I'm just too lazy to pick up my books and study. There are too many distractions around me. Computer, novels, etc... Because, once I'm hooked onto something, I can't stop. For example, once I'm hooked on to a novel, I won't put it down until I've finished it. Same goes for computer games. It's like my daily intake of "drugs".

Ah... I hope I can be more focus from now on, with more effort from my side, I'm sure i can achieve the results I want!


Jane said...

U'll be fine bcos u serve an AWESOME God=)Jia you oo!

Daniel Ting said...

thanks... =)

Nazmi Idris said...

ah, i see you have a focus problem. I have it too. It helps if you can picture the action and the result of the action in 10 years time. I always imagine a frieghtening picture of a bald old unemployed man. haha. lol. hope this advice helps.