Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kelas Cemerlang... (Additional Mathematics)

I think will not attend this class again. It's just so boring and hot! There were only 5 of us who attended his class. And basically, he just gives us exercises to do. I think I can do these exercises at home.

In that short period of an hour, his phone rang twice! I mean it's not wrong for teachers to answer their phones when they are teaching. But hasn't it gone a little too far? And his method of teaching is just so... He gives us exercises to do. And while we are trying to attempt the questions, he'll be explaining the solutions and answers to the questions. It's good of him, but shouldn't he at least give us time to complete the exercise first? What's the point of giving us the answers when we haven't even try attempting them?

I think no one listened to him talking that day, because all of us were doing the exercise he gave us. I think (if it's possible) I'll not attend this Additional Mathematics class again, or maybe I'll just switch to the Kelas Galus class. They said the Kelas Galus class was fun!


Xuelin said...

Lee Tee told me so too-about the Kelas Galus Add Maths class. Maybe you should sneak out from the Cemerlang class...

Daniel Ting said...

i must! i must sneak out of that boring class!!!!