Monday, April 27, 2009

A Puff A Day?

I believe more and more teenagers are facing this question... "To smoke or not to smoke?"

It's no longer uncommon to see students in school uniform puffing away a cigarette. Why do people smoke? Out of fun? Out of peer pressure? Or just out of plain curiosity?

Smoking, in no matter what circumstances, will do harm to your health. I once had a feeling to try smoking once just out of curiosity, because I badly wanted to know the taste of it. But I thought the better of it. I thought of the possibility of me getting hooked to it, and it wouldn't be worthwhile.

Don't try smoking, whether you're under stress from your studies, or you're facing relationship problems, or under peer pressure. Stay away from smoking. Find some under ways to relieve your stress or problems, like talking to your best pal about it, or watching a movie. There are definitely better ways to relieve stress than smoking.

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Jian said...

I smoked. Never liked it but still carry on for awhile. Why? Cool ma. Bwahahahah.. adolescence..