Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mum at Sixteen

This is one touching movie. A sixteen year old high school student, becomes pregnant, and gives births to a boy named Charley. Instead of giving him up as for adoption, she chooses to keep the baby. Her mother, supports her decision and allow Jacey to finish high school and to lead a normal life.

Jacey goes to school as usual, but one day, Donna sees Jacey with Charley, and asks if Jacey is his mother. Although Jacey lied about that, many people witnessed the interrogation and believe Jacey is really the mother. Her secret is found out in school when Jacey asks Donna how she feels about casual abortion.

When other students criticize her for her hypocrisy, she goes to a mothers meeting for teens. She decides to bring these girls to her school and shows what happens when they have unprotected and casual sex. After that, Donna receives a call that there is a baby waiting to be adopted. Overjoyed, Donna and Bob go adopt the child, only to find it's Charley. Jacey has decided to give him up for his benefit although it hurt her a lot.

This is really one touching movie. We must learn to accept those who although have done unprotected and casual sex people, as normal people. You can't treat them like they're some piece of dirt.

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