Friday, March 6, 2009

My Day, Today...

I have not been in the house for more than 2 hours today. From 7:30 in the morning till 10:45 p.m... Tired. In the morning, I had Chemistry tuition in SKOR. I just joined today. The teacher is a very good teacher, Mr. Ch'ng. I like his way of teaching. It's much better than my school teacher's (not to say her teaching is bad...).

After that, I followed my mum around town. She had to do a few errands. Then, we went to pick my sister from church school, then run another errand, then straight for lunch with Aunty Nancy and Loh.

Later in the evening, I went for MYF. I had to be there early because I was involved in the worship team. And I had to stay back after MYF to practice for the worship on Sunday. I had to miss my friend's birthday party because there were no drummers to play... Sigh! I wanted to go very much... But, looking on the brighter side, I did have fun in MYF too... =)

And btw, there is a Medical Screening talk held in the church tomorrow, at 2p.m. All are welcome...

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