Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is It Necessary to Impose Curfews on Teenagers below 17?

What actually does the word "curfew" actually mean? It can defined as a child has to be back by a certain time that is set by parents for children. In my opinion, I think it depends on the situation. But in general, I think it's necessary to impose a curfew on teenagers below 17.

Why do I say it's necessary? Here are a few reasons to support my stand. Firstly, a curfew should be set so that teenagers get their beauty sleep. If not, sometimes, teenagers would be out hanging out with friends till the wee hours in the morning. This would also affect their mental alertness the following day. If it's a schooling day the following day, this would affect their concentration and ability to learn.

Another reason to support my stand on why curfew should be implemented is because the likelihood of the teenagers getting involved with bad company is greater. These teenagers will hang out in bistros and pubs, and this will lead them to other bad activities, like gambling and drinking. And also, in the cover of darkness, when the roads are empty, the likelihood of getting involved in an illegal race would be greater.

Setting a curfew for teenagers with friends and family is important to ensure teenagers spend sufficient time with their family to strengthen family bonds. This is also to ensure that the parents know what their child is up to and to make sure their child is not involved with bad company.

In conclusion, curfews should be set for teenagers below 17.

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