Sunday, March 15, 2009

Biology... Exploring Levels of Biological Organization... [Part 2]...

Continued from part 1. The sixth level would be organisms. Many organ systems form an organism. This and the following 3 levels are familiar to me, as I've learnt it in lower secondary. An organism are individual living things. We, humans are organisms too, multicellular organisms to be exact.

Organisms of all individuals of a species living within the bounds of a specific area form a population, the 7th level in the biological organization.

Communities, the next level, can be defined as the entire array of organisms inhabiting a particular ecosystem.
Moving on the next level, the ecosystems. Life does not exist in a vacuum. An ecosystem consists of all the living things in a particular area, along with the non-living components of the environment, including the air we breathe! An example of an ecosystem a forest in Malaysia. It is made up by many communities.

The biggest level of biological organization is the biosphere. This was new to me. The biosphere, consists of all the environments on Earth that are inhabited by life. It is made up by many ecosystems.

At last, I've finished writing about all 10 levels of biological organizations. =) It was interesting right? Haha...

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