Saturday, May 17, 2008

My first time to Tesco...

After being forced by my parents to follow them to buy cables for the new church, my parents decided to pass by Tesco to see whether it was packed or not. Since it wasn't packed, we decided to go in...
Well, the crowd was not there yet. There were still empty spaces in front. We even managed to get a parking lot near the entrance. Well, that was my first time there, this was also my sister's first time.
Tesco the newest supermarket in town! It opened since Thursday. Frankly, my first impression was, Tesco is much better than Giant. But, Pacific is still better, because it has a bowling alley and most importantly McD. Although Tesco has KFC, McD is nicer than KFC hands down.

Inside Tesco, there are quite a number of new shops, like Big Apple, Noddles Station, etc... Random shots in Tesco:
The Noodle station
After walking around, my mother wanted to buy some groceries. So, in we went into Tesco (as in Tesco) for the first time. Tesco hypermarket has varieties, bacon, ham and other stuff that you can't find in Pacific or Giant.
After shopping, had lunch at the noodle station. I had curry noodles. It was not bad! You should try it! I give it a 9/10
.My drink. Kiwi sorbet.
The drink was okay lah! After we finished, we headed for Big Apple! I LOVE doughnuts! Shall post about Big Apple later.

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