Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big Apple in Tesco!

A shop that is not familiar with Alor Starians, is now well known! Everybody now knows what Big Apple stands for and it is located in the newly opened Tesco.You can read all about it Big Apple Dougnuts. There are many flavors of doughnuts, kiwi, Belgium chocolate, mango tango, duren duren, etc.. Almost all the doughnuts are nice. One thing nice about their doughnuts is that they are soft.What you see is what you get. They come off the production line there and then. It's quite fascinating to watch them come out the fryer. Wanna learn how to make them? Go there and watch. But no recipe la of course! If not they go bankrupt!
The place where they put the topping for the doughnuts...The place after the doughnut is deep fried...
A really good place to buy doughnuts. It's the first shop in Alor Star i've crossed that only sells doughnuts!

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