Friday, April 22, 2011

Open Burning in Alor Setar!

Can you imagine the pollution open burning does? I was on the way to fetch CT the other day when I passed by two spots of people openly burning their rubbish! Don't these IDIOTS know that they are making our world A HOTTER place? Don't they know that it's already very hot as it is?
But, after some pondering, is it entirely their fault? I don't think so. They wouldn't burn their rubbish if the rubbish people collect the rubbish everyday, right? Many people would think what's PAS doing? Since PAS took over, the rubbish collection was getting from bad to worse. But it's not the current state government's fault. Before PAS took over, the previous government BN, awarded a contract to Environment Idaman Sdn. Bhd. to so call privatize everything. And according to this newsletter, they say they have improved Sungai Petani's rubbish collection, link to this newsletter.

Even at my place, rubbish collection is BAD. Rubbish gets collected a week once? It used to be every 2 or 3 days once. WHAT are the people in charge doing? And please be aware that PAS has NO SAY in this at all.
I stopped my car to get a picture of this, and I could feel the heat even inside my car! It was THAT hot.

*Note: This two pictures were taken at different spots in Alor Setar but located 200m from each other. :)

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