Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Democracy Today... Still Tomorrow?

Democracy has been around for, centuries? The first democratic country recorded is Greece! ...and that was some hundred years ago. Democracy, has been practiced and is being practised by most countries today, majority the well developed countries. We have so many other political systems, like communism, dictatorship, etc... but most still favor democracy. Why?

The answer is obvious. People want freedom and basic civil rights, something that democracy offers and others don't. Do people want to be oppressed by the government always, watching unfair policies being made, biasedness towards different kinds of people? I personally wouldn't want a government like that. Democracy gives us this freedom, the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, equality and son on. And these are the basic rights that people want in today's society.

Democracy also allows change. In a communist country, if the leader of the day is corrupted, nobody is able to do anything, unless well, someone assassinates him. In a democratic country, if the government of the day is corrupted, the people have the right to vote it out and bring change.

Democracy also in it's unique way allows its own people to rule it's own nation. Unlike other countries, who practise dynastic monarchy rule, power is handed down according to the blood line. That means if you are not of royal blood, the power to rule a country can never be yours. This, by today's standard, is unacceptable! Can you stand a leader who keeps siphoning money from it's people? Take Brunei for an example. Their country is ruled monarchy style. And sad to say, patronage is very apparent there. The king's son is using it's country's wealth to throw parties, buy properties, basically plundering the country for personal gain. What can be used to improve the standard of living of it's people is being used for personal use. Why would anyone in the right frame of mind who knows his or her right support the government as that?

Oh well. I believe democracy is the way to run a nation today. But who knows, there might be new ideologies popping up, and one might be even better than democracy. Who knows? In a 100 years from now, democracy might be replaced. :)


Yu Zeng said...

Think Brunei's citizen live better than us even though they're under monarchs rule.
Whether it's monarchy or democracy, it depends on the moral value of the ruler.some democratic regime even way corrupted compared some kings/commies premier
Our country is not fully democratic, that's obvious. stupid propaganda says that we have freedom to speak, but with LIMIT, I mean what the hell is freedom with's like commies where you'll get caught by ISA just because you fight for your racial rights.
btw! your old friend returned..haha

Yu Zeng said...

And guess what?scandals and dirty tactics have been played to win ppls vote (those naive one)in our democracy
The only way to prove real democracy is to let the 50++ years old regime fall and let the new party rule in the next general election..we'll see...and we'll prove that! X)

Daniel Ting said...

yeah. they have a better standard of living.
but the Brunei government is also sucking the people's money, in different ways unknown to us. :)

yeah! we'll wait for the next GE! it'll be interesing to see the outcome of it. :D
look at the CM of Sarawak who said he will step down after the Sarawak elections.... he is still there. = =