Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Fever! =D

World Cup has started! =D

I can't believe that I actually watched almost the entire game of the opening match of the World Cup! Usually, I wouldn't be bothered to even look at the times of the World Cup matches. I would just check the scores the next day. And, previous years', these matches would be held and aired live past midnight, in the wee hours in the morning due to the different time zones. But fortunately this year, since it's held in South Africa, the time gap between Malaysia and South Africa is smaller than the past years, bringing the matches earlier.

South Africa versus Mexico. End result. 1-1. A tie. A pity. I was hoping that South Africa would win their first match, since they were playing on home-ground, but, alas, at least they managed a tie. Mexico, to me, played lousy tonight, I think. I always thought that Mexico was much better than South Africa. There were a lot of good saves by the teams' goalkeepers, and also a lot of near misses that could have helped South Africa to win their opening match. Oh well, good game! =)


/kisa said...

cool. what team are you supporting for this year's world cup?

Daniel Ting said...

brazil! =D
or england!